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MAILBAG: We're Back

By Hartford Athletic, 06/18/20, 8:00AM EDT


It's been a LONG time, but Hartford Athletic soccer is back and so is the Mailbag! We take your questions for the Coaching staff, players, or Front Office and do our best to answer them here. If you have a question for someone that you want answered visit to make a submission. Let's get to your questions:

@CTSoccerMike asks: What did the players do to stay fit since March?

Our coaching staff deserves a lot of credit for seeing how Coronavirus was affecting the rest of the world and getting a plan in place early that would keep our players active. Each morning the players had virtual workout sessions that they would do in their apartments. Players were also assigned runs to go on to keep their endurance up. The players and coaching staff also studied film from practices, other teams in the league, and teams across the globe to keep their minds sharp. 

Armin A. asks: For any player, how does it feel when you score a goal?

Ever 'Cheno' Guzmán: For me, it's everything. It's the best part of the game and the culmination of the work from all the players in one action! That's the reason I celebrate so much when I score or when one of my teammates score. 

Alex Dixon: It always feels good to score a goal, there's a wide range of emotions that go into it when it happens though. Scoring a goal late in a game when you're down by a couple of goals doesn't compare to when you score the game winner in the 90th minute which is an amazing feeling. You just get a crazy rush of energy and excitement no matter how tired you are.

@hfdtilimdead asks: For any of our vegetarian players: what’s an easy plant-based meal that’s both nutritious and delicious?

Mac Steeves: Avocado Toast is always a good option. Depending on if you eat eggs, a poached egg on top is definitely worth adding on top. I also like to put Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado in a salad. You can sauté peppers and onions with black beans in a pan - add fajita mix for more flavor - and then add it to the salad or put it in a wrap. Another favorite of mine is Spaghetti squash with basil pesto. I have a whole cook book with more great recipes, but those are my 3 favorite options right now.

Kevin Politz: Lentils are an easy and nutritious meal you can make. They're very simple though so you need to add in some more ingredients to enhance the flavor. I like to add minced onion, garlic, peppers, and some spices for extra flavor.

@DanJean09 asks: For both Coach Jaïdi and Tyreke Johnson, what do they like the most about the US so far? And what do they miss the most about the UK?

Coach Jaïdi: I enjoyed hiking in the woods the last four months, especially with the COVID-19 restrictions. There are some really great trails and beautiful views here. It was a good fit for my psychological needs. I am waiting to discover more places when all the restrictions are lifted. I miss my family!

TJ: I like the food here a lot, in particular Chick-fil-A. I would also say that the people here are very welcoming and friendly. Of course what I miss most about home is my family and friends. But I also really miss Nando's.

Joe L. asks: "Where's the hype video?"

Oh it's coming real soon. Definitely by July 11th...


The USL announced a provisional restart date for the 2020 season of July 11. If you missed it, CEO Jim Burda gave an update on the upcoming season. More details will be announced as they become available.

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