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MAILBAG: Quarantine Edition

By Hartford Athletic, 03/19/20, 12:00PM EDT


Welcome back to the mailbag, one that takes place in one of the most bizarre times this author can remember. We hope that all of our fans and readers are staying safe and we can't wait to see you back at Dillon once our league resumes and our doors open. Thank you to those who submitted questions. If you have a question, please visit to submit and we will do our best to answer it. Without further ado, let's get to your questions:

Kevin W. asks, "What would be the possibility during this time of streaming FIFA 20 contests featuring players for fans to watch? Great if it were HA players head to head. Awesome if USL Championship clubs could host a "season" pitting clubs against each other aligned with the schedule originally set up by the league."

Kevin, this is a great thought. In case you haven't seen on Twitter, there is a fan driven E-league starting in a couple weeks. There may be more avenues for something like this coming in the future as well.

@jsgreyhoundgirl asks, "Are you still able to practice and get ready for the season to begin?"

At the moment, our players are doing an excellent job of practicing social distancing and are not training. Our coaching staff is using all resources available to do as much video training from home as possible and finding ways for the players to keep up their fitness without endangering other teammates or community members. We will resume training as soon as it is safe to do so.

@HFDTILIMDEAD asks, "For non-local players or staff: What’s something that you miss from your home state or country that we don’t have or you can’t find here in Hartford?"

Ever Guzmán (Mexico): I've been missing my family a lot. Across the globe, people are spending time with their family because of the virus. It's very hard because I want to be with them! I would also say that I definitely miss tacos - not that there aren't tacos in Connecticut - but the tacos here are different than the ones from back home.

Alex Lara (California): Does it count if I say family? (Author: It does) That's definitely the biggest thing. I'm very close to them and being this far away from them is something that's been hard. I miss In 'n Out burgers too. I'm pretty sure that's just a West Coast thing and they don't have it out here.

Mike Novotny (Illinois): Biggest thing for me is my family. That's the hardest thing, being a 15 hour drive away. As far as restaurants go, it would probably be Portillo's or Jimmy John's. Portillo's has the best Chicago-style dog. I miss that a lot.

@USRover asks, "Who on the team has the best "singing for 20 seconds while washing their hands" voice?"

Not sure we have any singers - and btw you should wash your hands for 30 seconds! - but we do have some musically inclined people on the squad. Both Kevin Politz and Aiden Mesias have both shown they can play the piano and have keyboards in their apartments. Make sure to follow both on Instagram they'll occasionally post videos of them playing from time to time.

@VinVoltage asks, "Is there anything that us fans can do to support and help the club while we are on hiatus?"

The number one thing you can do is be safe and healthy. It is SO important for us to be responsible to help stop the spread of the virus. Stay at home, thoroughly wash your hands, all the things you're hearing on the news and from family, do them. It's a difficult time and as a community, we need to come together to help each other get through it. Also, support local businesses. Lots of local businesses support us as well and this can be a challenging time for them. Get a gift card, order takeout, whatever you can do to help keep the economy going, please do it. Once we get through this - and we will - we want to see all our fans with us at Dillon. Bring as many friends, family, coworkers, whoever to as many matches as you can, and #BringTheBonanza and support your Boys in Green!

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