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MAILBAG: Jerseys, International Viewing, and Southampton

By Hartford Athletic, 02/06/20, 12:15PM EST


Welcome back to the Mailbag! This is our second mailbag of 2020, you can click here to view the first one. preseason training is already underway. We had plenty of great questions this week, and as always, if you'd like to submit a question, visit to make your submission. Let's get to your questions:

Austin G. asks, "When will the 2020 kits be released?"

We're very excited about the release of our kits this season. We aren't revealing the exact date yet, BUT, if we were to give you a hint, you'll probably want to attend as many preseason events and parties as we have available to fans...

@HFDTILIMDEAD asks, "For any of our new players: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of soccer?"

Quick little inside info for our fans before we get to our players answers, our new players are INCREDIBLE. They are really nice guys who are excited to take the field and play their hearts out for you this season. March 21st can't come soon enough. Now, what you really want to hear:

Kevin Politz: One of my biggest hobbies is playing the piano. I've got my keyboard set up in my new place already. Another hobby of mine would probably be cooking and tryout out different recipes. I eat pretty plant based so I tend to use a lot of quinoa, lentils, and beans mixed with a lot of different vegetables and I try to prepare them in as many different ways as possible.

Arthur Rogers: I like video games a lot as a way to relax, but I also really enjoy bowling, paint-balling, and riding go-karts. Honestly, anything I'm doing with friends will make me happy!

Gabriel Torres: Outside of soccer, I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like to travel, I'm active in my church community, and I always enjoy hanging out and watching tv shows. 

Jakob B. asks, "Will jerseys with player number and name be available this year?"

This question was asked often last season. We are working to make personalized jerseys will be available for purchase this season through online orders. You can get your favorite player's name on your jersey or your own! Jerseys will be available for purchase in the coming weeks. 

Gillian R. asks, "I saw that your matches will be televised, will we be able to watch them in England?"

If you missed the news, we are really excited that our friends at WTNH are going to be broadcasting all of our USL Championship matches on MyTV9. The matches will also be streamed on! Our matches are also available on ESPN+. For all of our fans who live outside the USA, our USL Championship matches are available to stream on YouTube.

Nick asks, "Do you plan on bringing over any players from Southampton on loan?"

Stay tuned 

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