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MAILBAG: The One That Failed To Come Up With A Creative Title

By Hartford Athletic, 10/03/19, 12:00PM EDT


Welcome back to the Mailbag! It's been a few weeks, so in case you don't remember, this is where you get a chance to ask our players, coaching staff, and front office any questions you have about the team! If you'd like to submit a question for a future mailbag, click here! Let's get to your questions:

Joel Z. asks, "How is the pre-match music festival before the match this week going to work?"

For those who don't know, before this week's match, we're having a music festival featuring the bands Righteous Continental and Joon. At 4 PM, the Rally Alley presented by Thomas Hooker Brewery will open up. Righteous Continental will play in the Alley from 5-6. Joon will play inside the stadium from 6-6:45 before the match kicks off at 7 PM! 

Santiago B asks, “Will Hartford Athletic consider an MLS affiliation, say, with NYCFC?”

We strive for strong relationships with all the clubs in our region as we look to grow the game and provide the highest level of play for our fans. We do not currently have any formal affiliation with any MLS club. We are always in active conversations with clubs around the world (MLS or otherwise) regarding players as we look for a competitive advantage for our organization. Above all, we are, and always will be, Hartford's club. We are excited to have strong relationships already with clubs like NYCFC and the New England Revolution with Danny Bedoya and Cody Cropper playing integral roles in our season and look forward to continuing to build on this in years to come.

@CTSoccerMike asks, “What do you do on the flight back from an away game?”

Ryan Williams: All the guys are different, but I personally will put on my headphones, put a playlist on and try to sleep through the flight.

Harry Swartz: Sometimes I like to sleep the whole time but if I'm for some reason not able to sleep I like to download episodes of a show I'm watching on my iPad and I'll watch those the whole time.

Wojciech Wójcik: If it's an early flight I'll try to sleep. If I can't sleep or it's a later flight I'll listen to a podcast, music, or read a book.

Neil M asks, “When you look back on 2019 what change would you have made or made earlier that would have improved the fan experience this season?”

First and foremost, we are always making changes and adjustments to improve the experience our fans have at Dillon Stadium (and previously, Rentschler Field). There have been countless things we've changed on a week to week basis based on customer feedback (including a beer kiosk by the Supporters Section), and we really think all the changes have helped us get better every match. One challenge we've faced is how to best navigate the parking flow at Dillon Stadium and heading into the match on Saturday we are excited to be making a few changes that will make things even better. Lot 2 is always open 3 hours before the match kicks off and Lots 3-5 will now all be open 2 hours prior to the match.


The Boys in Green are back at Dillon Stadium on Saturday for the first of four home matches in October! Join us in the Rally Alley at 5 PM for the prematch music festival! Kickoff at 7 PM! Click here to get your tickets!