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MAILBAG: The One with Steve the Squirrel

By Hartford Athletic, 09/05/19, 1:00PM EDT


Welcome back to the mailbag, where we answer your questions! If you want to submit a question to Coach Nielsen, a player, or the front office, click here. Let's get to your questions:

Juan Marcos P. asks, "After Games, can players give fans jerseys?"

While players typically won't give out their jerseys to fans, we have a special opportunity to get their favorite player's jersey this weekend! During Saturday's match, we'll be having a silent auction where you can bid on jerseys worn by the players during the match. If you win, you'll be able to take the jersey home with you right after the match! All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Girls for Technology. For more information on the silent auction visit

Grace L. asks, "Are there going to be new kits released each season?"

We do plan to have new kits released each year. Our design team is currently going through the process of creating next year's kits (both home and away). I got a bit of a sneak preview because of your question, and I'm quite certain you're going to really enjoy what you see when we reveal the new uniforms. 

@DamonTweet asks, "@RyanWilliams91 how's Steve the Squirrel doing?"

For those who didn't see or don't remember, a few weeks ago, Ryan Williams found an injured squirrel near his apartment. Here's the story from Ryan:

RW: I was walking around just giving my legs a stretch, a little far off I saw an animal that was clearly struggling. I went over to it and saw it was a squirrel who was struggling to move. It needed help. Much like the squirrels in England, this squirrel didn't run away from me, so I knew it was accepting my help. I brought it back to my apartment, made a bed for it out of an old shoe box and put him in the basement of my apartment with some food. He was still there when I woke up the next morning, I fed him again and later that day he seemed to be in better shape. He appeared able to move well enough so I released him back into the wild. I feel confident he's doing alright out there.

@HFDTILIMDEAD asks, "What interesting hobbies do the players/staff have outside of soccer?"

Danny Barrera: I am actually very into disc golf. I played earlier this week actually with Ryan Williams and Jose Angulo. We went to Wickham Park and played. Since I moved here, I've actually found a lot of really great disc golf courses in Connecticut. I'm going to try and play as many courses as I can before the season ends.

I can speak for most of the players and staff on this one, there is a ping-pong table in the team room and each day before and after practice it is being used. There are a ton of really good and competitive players and there's almost always a quality competitive match going on. Nobody plays more than Mads Jørgensen, but the best player is Coach Nielsen. 


Saturday the Boys in Green are at home - and in Orange! - for a league match against Loudoun United to benefit Gender Equality. For tickets and more information regarding all our special events including a Women and Girls only soccer clinic and a meet and greet in the Rally Alley, head to

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