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MAILBAG: The One Where We Were Told There Would Be No Math

By Hartford Athletic, 08/08/19, 12:00PM EDT


Welcome back to the mailbag! We've been off for a week but couldn't pick a better time to come back with the Boys back at home on Saturday afternoon. If you want to submit a question to the mailbag, click here. Let's get to your questions:

TJ S asks, "How has it felt to be greeted by fans at the airport or at the training facility after your matches?"

Coach Nielsen: There is no greater feeling than coming home with 3 points and seeing fans waiting for us to get off the plane. But there have been times we haven't come home with 3 points and those fans are still there waiting for us to welcome us home. To have that kind of support from fans is incredible. They make us proud to wear the Green and Blue. 

@DamonTweet asks, "Hot or iced coffee?"

Personally, I am not a coffee drinker, so I'll farm this one out to the rest of the staff:


"If I have to choose one, hot"

"Hot. I don't get the "iced" thing at all"

"Depends on the time of year"

"That is a dumb question. Hot. Coffee should be hot." - A curmudgeon

@HFDTILIMDEAD asks, "Missed the last home game... are you still doing the reusable water bottle fill-ups?"

While there won't be a truck with water anymore, you are welcome to bring in an empty water bottle (that is not made of glass or metal) to fill up at the various water fountains we have throughout the stadium. 

Emily A asks, "Very excited for the Puerto Rico match. Will you be playing any other matches against International Clubs this season?"

We're really excited for the Puerto Rico match and as of now, this is the only international friendly we'll be playing this season. We do have plans to continue to bring in Clubs from all across the globe in the coming seasons.

@CaptainBrambles asks, "Two trains, a and b, start at the same time and travel toward each other from city a and city b 270 kilometers apart. How many hours will it take for them to meet if one train travels at 40 kph and the other travels at 50 kph?"

Sir, this is a Wendy's...


#FortressHartford is back on Saturday when New York Red Bulls II come to Dillon Stadium at 1 PM. Click here to get your tickets!

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