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MAILBAG: The One Where You Meet Mike Peters

By Hartford Athletic, 06/20/19, 9:30AM EDT


Welcome to another edition of the Mailbag! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! If you want to submit a question to the mailbag, click here. Let's get right to it:

Nancy K. asks, "What will be the handicapped accessibility at Dillon Stadium?"

We are very conscious of all our customers, and the fan always comes first. We are well-equipped with handicapped accessibility at Dillon Stadium, and to purchase a handicap seating option please call 860-216-0816 and select option 2. One of our representatives will be happy to help you.

Cristobal R. asks, "Is there a Kitman?"

There is a Kitman, his name is Mike Peters, and he is a LEGEND! Mike does all the dirty work behind the scenes making sure our players have everything they need for matches and practices. Click here to read more about Mike.

Tom K. asks, "Why no watch parties in the New Haven area?"

While we may not have a bar in the New Haven area, you should connect with Elm City Casuals who often gathers at local New Haven bars to watch our away matches. Of course, you'll probably have to join them at Dillon Stadium for our home matches - the best watch party of them all.

@L33tsw33p3r asks, "If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?"

Woodchucks don't actually chuck wood, of course, but, since they are a burrowing rodent, they do know well how to toss around some dirt. So calculating a typical size of a woodchuck burrow, which consists of three rooms and a tunnel leading to it that is roughly six inches wide and extends 25 to 30 feet, 35 square feet of soil needs to be excavated to create such a burrow. Knowing that a cubic foot of soil weighs 20 pounds, a woodchuck can chuck 700 pounds of dirt. Should a woodchuck be so inclined, he could chuck about 700 pounds of wood as well.

Robert I. asks, "Where can I get an Athletic car magnet - I don’t see them on line and I am happy to see them on other cars - I need to get them for my cars too!"

Unfortunately we don't sell the magnets online - but we do give them away when we attend different events throughout CT.  Come find us on Friday at the United Way Block Party in Hartford or on Saturday at Guilford's Soccerfest to get yours!

Neil M. asks, "How much will parking be at Dillon Stadium? Will there be different parking options?"

Great news - parking at Dillon Stadium will be just $10. There will be plenty of parking options around the stadium as well as other options that are short walks away like the Convention Center garage. 


The Boys in Green are on the road this weekend to take on Birmingham Legion FC, but will return home next Friday night, June 28th, at 7:30 PM! Gates at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field open at 6:30 PM, and we've got $5 Draft Beers. Get your tickets here, and get ready to #RockTheRent!

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