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Hartford Athletic CAS-CIAC Team of the Week

What is the Hartford Athletic CAS-CIAC Team of the Week presented by The Hartford?

With seasons cut short or canceled and more positivity needed in everyone's lives, we want to recognize the best stories of teamwork across Connecticut high schools. And it's not just sports and unified sports teams that are eligible-- whether you're in robotics, theater, or have teamed up with students across other schools to do something great, we want to hear about it!

As a community-driven organization, we are thrilled to partner with CAS-CIAC and The Hartford to recognize all the great accomplishments our high school students continue to achieve across the state. Now, more than ever, it is important to continue to inspire and celebrate the amazing stories of our students and future leaders.

Who is eligible?

Whether you were on a team this season that won a championship, had a season cut short, or didn't have a season at all, if you did or are doing something great we want to hear about it. And we're not just focused on Sports and Unified Sports. eSports, Theater, Robotics, Math Team, you name it -- if it's a team and you have a story to tell please submit.

When is the nomination period?

May 15th - June 12th.

What does the winning team receive?

Recognition across Hartford Athletic channels (digital, social, broadcast, media partners, in-stadium at a match), free tickets with VIP experience to a future match where the team and coaches will be recognized, and discounted tickets to that match for the rest of the community to attend.

How do we enter and how are we judged?

Just fill out the form above. You will be judged on community engagement and competitive excellence based on the write up you submit of 150 words or less.