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#Changemaker Of The Month Presented By Walgreens

What is the Hartford Athletic #Changemaker of the Month Presented by Walgreens?

With Hartford Athletic’s Women’s Leadership Series underway, we want to recognize the best stories of women who make positive change across Connecticut. Under our Women’s platform, we will be highlighting women in our community who focus on making Hartford the best place to live, work, and play.

As a community-driven organization, we are thrilled to partner with Walgreens to recognize all the great accomplishments and impact that Connecticut women continue to achieve across the state. 

Who is eligible?

We are focusing on highlighting women in Connecticut who have a proven history of making positive impact in their community.

When is the nomination period?

April 15th - September 15th

What does the #Changemaker of the Month receive?

Recognition across Hartford Athletic channels (digital, social, broadcast, media partners, in-stadium at a match) through an interview describing the impact made to our community, free tickets to a future match where the #Changemaker of the Month will be recognized, and discounted tickets to that match for the rest of the winner’s community to attend.

How do I nominate someone and how are they judged?

Just fill out the form below. Nominees will be judged on community impact and how their work has helped to make Hartford the best place to live, work, and play based on the write up you submit of 150 words or less.

Nominate a #Changemaker

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